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"Mummy Boy" - cast & credits

Gina Jones - Caffeine addict. Seeing Mummy Boy.

Wayne aka "Mummy Boy" - Freelance Archeologist. Seeing Gina Jones.

General Whiskers - Talking cat with a history of mental illness and nothing to lose.

Fish Boy - Lab escapee; origin unknown.

Creature Boy - Woodland brawler.

  1. Chris G. - words & pictures.

  2. This site is for my comic "Mummy Boy: Freelance Archeologist". It will be done eventually as a graphic novel or something. Sorry about the ads an shit. One day I'll get a domain.

  3. Feel free to check out my Flickr to see some of the art. I realize myspace is worse than aids but if your into comic art ad me..


2006 chris g.